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ARTIST STATEMENT (by Oliver Pavic)

Since I remember I was always attracted to diversity and things that couldn’t be explained by just looking at them. Faces and Bodies and the expressions and movements that they generate, are in my opinion the purest form of art. An ever-changing canvas. A Figure seen Disfiguratively, translucent or out of focus; as in Breaking down a clear line. A slight movement at a particular light or the emotion that is captured by it, present a challenge that is constantly driving me to explore it and translate it onto my canvases. It is this “bespoke figurative expression” that I am trying to portray in my artwork. I am not interested in what is obvious and explainable. My passion for art is fuelled by those subtle little differences or those big dramatic gestures. Different expressions generated by different beliefs. Different backgrounds in different settings at different states of mind! The end result is like an unread book. I can give you a synopsis but ultimately you have to interpret your own story. I gave my style its own name, it’s called “DisFigurative Expressionism”.

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