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Danijel Cecelja was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1982. His father is Croatian and his mother Belgian. He was exposed to various types of art from both western and eastern Europe, both traditional and popular culture, and showed sound drawing skills from a young age. Moved to Belgium, Antwerp in 1988 and started attending drawing and later painting classes. In 2000, Danijel entered the St Lukas Academy in Brussels to study fine arts and specifically painting. In 2008 Danijel started a series of ink pen drawings, returning to his root skill. A number of exhibitions followed in Brussels and Antwerp, starting in 2013, entitled 'Godmachine', 'God' referring to a Divine power over the imaginary world and 'machine' to the zealous task of ever finer detailed work.


Phone: +32 474 94 65 10


2003 - 2005
Master's Degree in Fine arts with specialization in Painting
Sint Lukas, Brussel, BE

2000 - 2003
Bachelor's Degree in Fine arts
Sint Lukas, Brussel, BE

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